Environmental Policy

Quality, occupational health and safety, environmental policy and resource management are key points for Colkim, which, recognizing its business and the resulting influence on the environment and its surroundings, is aware of this position and its responsibilities.

For this reason, Colkim has decided to take an active role toward environmental protection, equipping itself with an Environmental Management System such that major environmental impacts are reduced.
Colkim decided to integrate these aspects throughout the business value chain through:

  • compliance, for its own activities, and ensuring full compliance with the legislative provisions set forth in EU, national and regional regulations;
  • process optimization, preparation and adoption of specific proceduresto improve the management of business activities;
  • procurement of goods and services with a view to sustainability by involving suppliers and business partners where possible, and traceability of raw materials;
  • Theintroduction of technologies in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources, contain water discharges, emissions and waste generation;
  • The adoption of transparent and accountable communicationboth internally and externally, also fostering employee awareness and empowerment of environmental and energy goals.

Environmental Sustainability

Colkim pursues a vision of sustainable development with respect for people, workers and the community, integrating the ability to generate wealth and value with social and environmental responsibility, corporate profitability with safeguarding communities and public health.

Our commitment to the environment

Colkim is committed to sustainable resource management, adopting environmentally friendly behavior, thus, to find less environmentally impactful solutions for its products (e.g., packaging), reduce consumption and use of plastics.

The company develops and promotes environmentally friendly product lines, and activities are carried out to raise customer awareness of the proper use of chemicals, including environmental issues, by providing training courses and scheduling free webinars.

Colkim Sustainable Products:

  • Squit, the Made in Italy rodenticidal bait dispenser. Made from 100 percent recycled plastic (in accordance with UNI 10667/73).
  • Innokua line of environmentally safe repellents and/or disabituents.
  • Lamps for capturing flying insects with environmentally sustainable LED technology.
  • Pheromone traps.
  • Useful insects for foodstuff insect control.

People and sustainability

The company is committed to communicating achievements and goals for the future to employees, supporting people’s professional growth, and moving toward a development model with a positive impact on the community.
Colkim fosterssocial inclusion within its organization, supports the professional growth of its employees including through the activation of training paths, ensures respect for workers’ health and safety, and adopts welfare packages.
The company also makes local donations and carries out charitable activities with employee involvement.

Research, growth, innovation

Colkim invests in innovation, technology, digitization and research to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, bringing new solutions for integrated pest management to the market, toward a sustainable development model for the future.

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