Who we are

Since 1964, Colkim has been the reference company in Italy in the Pest Management market with strong skills and knowledge in the production of the latest generation of Biocides: top quality insecticides and rodenticides.

Thanks to our experience, passion for research and innovation, along with strong partnerships with multinational companies, we are able to support our customers’ growth in every application field.

We design, manufacture and distribute effective and innovative pest management solutions, renewing our commitment every day to improve the quality and healthiness of the environments in which we live.

Our solutions span a wide range of products for professional use, from rodenticides to ever-connected dispensers and traps, from insecticides to pheromones and natural repellents; to IPM System, the management system for PCOs, and the birth of the biofactory for food pest control.

Colkim stands for continuity, historicity and quality but at the same time for innovation, reliability and sustainability. From “chemical collaborations” to “more than chemistry” there are years of research, renewal and transformation, while maintaining the uniqueness that has always distinguished the company.

Our history

Mission and Vision

Our vision

Protect health, improve quality of life with wisdom and care for the environment in which we operate.

Our mission statement

To be a leader in producing and providing sustainable and innovative solutions for proper and effective pest control.


Our philosophy

The constant focus on research and innovation, both in production and industry and in the management of the company and its resources, drives us toward ever higher and more ambitious goals.


Our professionalism is what our clients’ trust is based on. We are committed to listening to customers to meet their specific needs with efficiency and timeliness.

Quality and excellence

We offer products and solutions that reflect high quality standards at every stage of the process, from production to distribution, and ensure effective and lasting results in pest control.


We are committed to choosing the best available technologies in order to reduce the consumption of natural resources and raw materials and the input of plastics into the market, while respecting the environment and the society in which we operate.

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